I’m Jasmine

Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web, where I talk about yoga, writing, and spiritual content. Yes, I know, the internet is oversaturated with spiritual content! But if you’re over 30, have gone through tough times, and don’t wear rose-colored glasses, then let me gently introduce you to some unique healing modalities that I’ve tried and tested for myself, and would love to share with you!

Yin Yoga Teacher, Blogger, Author, and Soulpreneur

I like to think of myself as a native New Yorker carrying the California sunshine inside my soul! An avid traveler and dedicated Yogi, I blog about spiritual content (featured on various digital magazines and websites) from my personal experience; and make handmade candles during my spare time to represent our inner spark from the divine.

Namaste Candle

Handmade from a 100% soy wax, this lavender and jasmine scented candle burns from a double wick, bright flame surrounded by amethyst crystals and clear quartz. (This price includes tax and shipping)


Spiritual Content Blogger, Writer, And Self Help Author

As a spiritual teacher, I often write about religion, spirituality, and mysticism, as well as my own personal experiences that influenced my growth in hopes that my stories will be relatable for someone else’s journey.

Frequently blogging for several publications within Medium.Com, I highly enjoy networking with other writers as well, commenting and sharing insights on each other’s posts to build online relationships and grow a strong media presence.

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I Dance With Life!

I’m a free spirit who enjoys traveling near and far and have connected with some amazing people! No matter the age, ethnicity, political view, marital status, or financial circumstance, it’s been through these divine connections that I’ve gained so much wisdom from them. They say that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Every single person has been my teacher.

A 300hr Yoga Teacher, specializing in Yin and Restorative Yoga

The Book

Available on Amazon, GoodReads, and also Barnes & Nobles, check out my self-help book, “LIVING IN THE LIGHT: A Guide To Discovering & Manifesting Your Life Purpose.” (2020)

Jasmine Clemente

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