People Do Change And Sometimes Transform

Why Change Is Necessary For Growth At Any Stage Of Your Life

Sometimes, when I’m brushing my teeth in the mornings, I look in my bathroom mirror and stop to remember the little five-year-old girl inside. That was a lifetime ago and almost feels non-existent, even though I’m still here, flesh and blood, all grown up.

We go through these stages in life where the old us fade away so naturally that we forget we even used to be that person. But, our eyes are still the same color, even though we begin to see things differently.

Sometimes, people reach a certain point in their lives where they feel settled with who they’ve become, and so they stop soul searching. They have a certain routine that they follow within the value system of their chosen lifestyle, and they’re very confident with what they’ve built, created, or established. While this is completely healthy to feel comfortable within your own skin, it can also backfire if you become too rigid with what you’ve grown accustomed to.

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