4 Week Writing Series

Starting Saturday, September 17th, join a virtual writing series that will happen over the course of 4 weekends on zoom. This class is designed for beginner and intermediate students wanting to write their first memoir or self-help book. As a Yin Yoga Teacher, what makes this course unique is that I’ll be taking you through breathing and meditation exercises at the beginning of each class to drop into your body. I’ll also incorporate yogic philosophy into the psychology of how and why we are writing our particular story to achieve the most enlightening experience. We are writing to help ourselves and also to help others. I truly believe that words are powerful and writing is one of the many methods used for winning an internal spiritual battle. Are you ready? Does this sound like you? Do you want your story to empower others? I’m excited to see which kindred spirits magnetize with this program.


People Do Change And Sometimes Transform

Sometimes, when I’m brushing my teeth in the mornings, I look in my bathroom mirror and stop to remember the little five-year-old girl inside. That was a lifetime ago and almost feels non-existent, even though I’m still here, flesh and blood, all grown up.

About Me

Namaste, I’m Jasmine. A woman in love with all things yoga, spiritual, and creative. I know there are a lot of us out there, but isn’t it beautiful that we’re living in times where so many kindred spirits are in alignment with a similar mission: a mission to love?

This section features my blog posts on Medium.Com where I write on various topics including spirituality, relationships, psychology, and you guessed it – yoga!

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