Reading oracle cards is something that anyone can do – if they are very in tune with their intuition, and are in a space in their life that is free from drama or blockage. Thankfully, I’m able to harness my intuitive abilities and serve you in a way that will direct your path for the best possible outcome. Remember, that you are ultimately the master of your own destiny.

One Hour Tarot Reading

Sometimes, I take longer than an hour. Be prepared for a one to two-hour zoom meeting, depending on how the energy is flowing. I always ask that people take a shower prior to the meeting to remove energetic debris from earlier that day and to be as clear as possible. The price is $111 Keep scrolling down to find the PayPal button, and then email namastejasmine@gmail.com to book the session.

3 Card Pull For The Day

Sometimes we need a quick answer to a question or a little guidance before our big day. It can be before a big interview or a date. For only $22, I’ll pull 3 cards via text message. Email namastejasmine@gmail.com to book the day and time.

Tarot Tuesdays


Every Tuesday, I give a general reading for the collective on Facebook and Instagram at approximately 8PM EST (NYC Time) Follow my social media links to stay connected.

One Hour Orace Reading

Our free-will allows us to be the masters of our own destinies, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use a little bit of guidance along the way. For one full hour, I mix about 7 different decks and intuitively pull cards that you specifically need to hear. Some of my decks focus on romance, spirituality, career, and health. I use all of them to see which messages come up for you, and it’s all done through zoom. Please email namastejasmine@gmail.com after completing the purchase to set up a day and time.


3 Card Pull

Sometimes you just need a quick answer before that big interview or new date you’re going on. For a simple 3 card reading, email namastejasmine@gmail.com and I’ll select 3 cards, take their photos and send their meanings via text.



I have been trying my hardest to improve my self-care but it has been quite a challenge. I started this journey by getting Reiki attuned earlier this year, and during the workshop, I got acquainted with Jasmine in a breakout session. I’m so grateful we did!

Just as I was starting to go down the abyss of frustration, I saw an IG post from Jasmine regarding Tarot Readings where she mentioned that everyone has a unique blueprint that carries a specific purpose. Afterward, I immediately reached out to her for some guidance. Before I even said a word, Jasmine was already in tune with my spirit guides. She had a glimpse of who I used to be and offered spiritual advice for where I was headed. The meeting empowered me to stay on track with self-care and she encouraged me to clear out the old to make room for the new. Overall, I came out of my session renewed and clear, and I will ALWAYS recommend Jasmine’s services without a question of a doubt. You will not regret it!

— Stephanie Merisca (Reiki Attuned Level 1 & 2)

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